Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is YourSaint approved? 

A: YourSaint is approved by the Danish Food Authorities and has no known side effects. Since YourSaint is a dietary supplement, it is regulated by the Danish Food Authorities. We have made sure that all of the ingredients in Yoursaint are approved and Yoursaint is manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

 Q: When do I take YourSaint Vitamin shots? 

 A: Its very individual, some take one before drinking, others after. Some people suffering with extreme hangovers, take one before and one after. Try what fits you the best! Start with 1 after you have had your fun together with a glass of water, and see how that works, try to stay awake 1 hours after taking the drink.- Remember we have Moneyback Guarantee. If you belong to the unlucky 15% that feel no effect at all - we return your money.

 Q: When do I take YourSaint Drops? 

A: Always follow the instructions on the bottle. To achieve the best effect YourSaint shall be taken before consuming alcohol. 5-6 drops in a large glass of water or Orange juice stir well (or similar non-alcoholic beverage) and drink it all. (Some of our users say "Its a bit difficult to get the buzz of the alcohol when taken before going out, for some that is an advantage some not) If you have not taken YourSaint before drinking alcohol, you can still take a dose 6-7 drops in a large glass of water and stir within 6 hours from the first drink with a good result. So if you started drinking alcohol at 18.00 you should at the latest dose YourSaint VIP Drops by midnight.


Q: Can I take YourSaint in the morning? 

A: NO! By morning the alcohol has already changed to acetaldehyde and been absorbed into your body, which means it's too late. There is no danger associated with drinking YourSaint in the morning but you won't see a great effect unless you are still intoxicated. YourSaint can ehlp you burn the last alcohol and help restoring the body.


Q: Is there any guarantee that YourSaint works? 

A: From our clinical test we know that YourSaint works satisfying on approximately 85% of the people using it. If you are not satisfied with YourSaint we have a 100% money back guarantee. Just send us a mail or give us a call, supplying your order details and explanation. We will then inform you how and what to do.

For best effect take YourSaint Vitamin Shot right after you know it was the last drink, and stay awake for 1 hour, to avoid sissiness when going to bed.

We are here to help as many of you as possible to have fun with friends, without having to suffer too much the day after – No cure, No pay!


Q: Where can I buy YourSaint? 

A: YourSaint is currently available for purchase online anytime at


Q: Where is YourSaint produced? 

A: All manufacturing and production of YourSaint are done from several places in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark. Our initial manufacturing and blending are done at facilities in Germany. After that, the final blending, bottling, and distribution in Europe are done partly in Denmark and the countryside in Germany.


Q: What's the history of YourSaint? 

A: To ensure the best product for consumers, YourSaint's technology was developed and tested for four years before delivering to the public. With headquarters in Switzerland, YourSaint AG is ready to share its product across the World. Find out more about what we're currently doing on our News and Event page.