About us

YourSaint’s origins lie in our discovery of a healthy and effective tonic that promised not only to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover, but also prevent it occurring in the first place.

Like many Eureka! moments, the unearthing of YourSaint was made by chance – not in a lab or remote rainforest, but in a bar of course. We came across what appeared to be the holy grail on a typical night out. We were skeptical to say the least. Could this little bottle of magic, really deliver on it’s promise? One thing we were sure of: no one was better qualified to put its claim to the test. From downtown New York to high-altitude Alpine retreats, Mallorcan beach clubs to Copenhagen bars, YourSaint was put through its paces by women and men from all corners of the world.

And it worked. Beyond our wildest expectations. Where could we get more so we could tell more people about it?! Unfortunately, the holy grail was not available for us to buy in any shop, restaurant or bar as we had fallen into its path at a very early stage of its creation. So from being the ultimate non-believers, we embarked on a four year journey that took us to the original inventor and YourSaint was born – we hope you enjoy its benefits as much as we have!