"I was a cynic at first — but it worked!" 

I get terrible hangovers so I was skeptical that something like this could work, but I was still willing to give it a shot (no pun intended). I tried it out after a very messy stag party before going to bed. In all honesty, the taste wasn't great, but it was tolerable, especially when it worked as well as it did.

The next morning when I woke up (we had go-karting planned at midday), I was definitely still tired, but with many of the main symptoms missing. No headache, my thinking was clear and I wasn't nauseous. I was still dehydrated but that was fixed by downing a large glass of water. 

I couldn't believe it. Usually, with the amount I drank, I would be bed-ridden for the entire day. I was alert and a lot more energetic than I would've been. I ended up beating my hungover friends at go–karting  big win!

I would definitely recommend this product for anyone attending stag/hen parties!

— Prateek

"Outstanding product."

As someone who has suffered terribly with hangovers for over 20 years I was very sceptical about this product, how wrong I was. Took the bottle of YourSaint with a glass of water when I returned from a night of drinking cider and vodka. 'WOW' this stuff actually works and I'll definitely be placing an order for more.

— David


Great product no hangover after a big sesh thank you! Normally 2 day hangover but was fine the next day.

— Matt

"Life saver."

This product 100% works. I took the whole shot before bed and woke up with no hangover at all! This was after a night of heavy drinking and mixing my drinks. I’m 31 and usually suffer with a 2 day hangover so this stuff really is a miraculous!

— Rebecca

"No horrible feeling after."

The shots have been great, after a night of drinking you wake up feeling refreshed and not too groggy compared to if you have just water. I haven't tried having one before drinking and one after so I'll do that next. I also want to try the drops to see how they work and if there's any difference between the shots and the drops.

— Pradeep


Ok, so ignore the taste... after drinking alcohol the whole night it really doesn't feel good going down BUT I genuinely woke up with no headache or sickness, which for me is an accomplishment.

I'm the girl that missed her own birthday two years ago due to the most extreme hangover ever experienced on earth and I was determined not to have this happen on my 30th. So I tried this and am pleased to say it worked a treat. Woohoo!

— Charley

"Exceeded my expectations!"

At first, I was quite sceptical, but last weekend I tried the shot, and it definitely worked. I woke up without feeling hungover at all. I just felt a bit tired due to the lack of sleep. I'm usually spending the entire day in bed feeling horrible after a night of heavy drinking.

I hugely recommend this to others, who wants to avoid suffering a whole day of misery.

— Alexander

"Amazing Product."

I used to skip the drinks at ladys night, because I always got sick the day after. But with these drops and the mix, I can now drink all the drinks that I want without getting sick and no headache.

So I just take the shot together with a large glass of water and then go to sleep. And after some while the room is not spinning anymore ;)

It´s an amazing products, so I will definitely recommend this to my friends!

— Nicoline

"No sign of hangover — a bit tired."

After an evening/night of Wine, Beers and some grown up GT´s. I took the Shot together with a large glass of water. Went to bed about 3.30am and woke up after 4–5 hours of sleep — No hangover at all. But was pretty tired until about noon (maybe thats because lack of sleep — I heard you can't fix that). But definitely something I will recommend to my friends!

— Edward

"Convinced a sceptic!"

I used it the day after New Years with great success. On a normal morning I would have woken up with a bad headache (when wine, beer, spirits and Champagne are mixed). However, with YourSaint I could wake up feeling tired but with no headache (a life saver when you are looking at a day long babysitting duty of a 4 month toddler :-) ) I recommend this product to anyone that is prone to bad hangovers!

— Henrik

"Exceptional product — gift from the gods."

Super impressive results! I have use this product throughout the holidays at Christmas and for New Years Eve together with my girlfriend — Tried both the VIP drops and the bottled mix.

PROS: It keeps you "fresh" throughout the night and I don't feel like I've been hit by a truck the day after — It's perfect! You are actually able to drink more (it seems). Usually my girlfriend is pretty drunk after just two glasses for wine and gets hit super hard from hangovers the day after. With this, she now manages to drink more and don't get super smashed or hungover!!

CONS: More expensive to take the girlfriend out for dinner ;)

— Mathias

"This cures your hangover!"

Great product! I took it right before bedtime, and woke up the morning after with no hangover What so ever... I highly recommend this to anyone with a 'hangover–problem' this will cure your hangover!

— Kim

"Worked 3 days in a row!"

Super product, that really helps after 3 days in a road with a lot of alcohol. Also my wife got a shot, and there was no hangover. She normally need to have like 3–4 aspirin —  but not this time. Brilliant:-)

— Stephen

"Saved my day!"

Tried the Shots yesterday. Gin, vodka, beer, plenty of sake plus white wine, it works!!! I would have been dead today without YourSaint.

A friend of mine got very drunk last night. He had a Vitamin Shot before going to bed and is at work today feeling great!

— PB 

"90% recovery from a party that went over the top."

I tried YourSaint on Ibiza this summer, we had a party that went totally over the Moon, everybody had too much to drink including me :( I met one of you YourSaint guys at Blue Marlin BC, and thank you sooo much for the test Shot you gave me. Even if I went to bed at 5.00 am in the morning, I took the shot as you told me, and I was up again around 9.00am — with a strange feeling that I was actually more than OK! I was a bit tired for the first hours but NO hangover whats ever!

I have recommended it to my friends — so we all can party!!! When/if you make one that makes me regain the lack of sleep as well I will give you 5+ STARS!

— Allison White

"A small miracle. Better than expected. "

Well had a late night out, and as usual was expecting to be wasted the day after, but was able to use the whole Sunday playing with the kids — this is what I call a small miracle! I for sure will arrange to have a bottle ready for next party!

Remember, Its doesn't help against, lack of sleep though ;-)

— Henriksen

"First test — with a very important ‘tester’."

Time: 7.00pm–1.30am

Liquid consumed: Substantial amounts of cider, champagne, gin tonic, red wine and Patron tequila (all in that order).

Result: I am lost for words actually. Under normal circumstances the next day would have been a “write off”. I woke up and was 100% fine. Could not feel any impact of the hours of consumption the day before. This has to be experienced as it cannot be explained! Just brilliant.

PS. Send more samples ASAP please!!!


"Bye bye hangovers!"

Took a shot before I went to bed, got up at 4.30am to catch an early flight — to my surprise (and relief) I was hangover free! It works. I encourage everyone to try it!

— Anna


This really works to cure the hangover!
— Sindri

"Simply Amazing!”

Tried this genius fluid this summer in Mallorca. Consumed a few drops in a glass of water at 3am after a crazy boys night out drinking loads of champagne, wine and cocktails. We are talking pure magic here. Next morning I woke up, had no hangover at all, was fully fit and fresh as if I had tucked to bed the evening before at 10pm. I am literally stunned with this brilliant liquid. You guys are gonna be very wealthy :-), I wish you the best — you have a regular customer right here.
— Rocco

"If you miss the morning you miss the day."

Finally a product that works. After a 40 yrs birthday party with champagne, cocktails, wines and more cocktails I followed the instructions from YourSaint and woke up next day with absolutely NO HANGOVER and even better my wife also felt great. Whoever invented YourSaint should be nominated to the next Nobel-prize.
— Jesper