1. Does YourSaint cure hangovers for everyone?

We have been over-whelmed by the positive feedback from those who have tried YourSaint. As the saying goes, the proof really is in the pudding (or the digestif!). We are really proud that 85% of our customers to date say they have enjoyed hangover-free days thanks to YourSaint. If you’re one of the unlucky 15% it doesn’t work for we will send you a full refund. Contact us here to request your refund.

2. When should I take YourSaint?

YourSaint is a hangover prevention tonic so we recommend having some to hand in either the Drop or Shot form BEFORE you drink alcohol and just BEFORE you go to bed.

3. How should I take YourSaint?

  • VIP DROPS: Using the pipette, 4–7 YourSaint VIP Drops should be mixed with a large glass/500ml of water prior to your first alcoholic drink and again before going to bed. A maximum of 7 drops per dose is recommended. Do not exceed 20 drops in 24 hours.
  • VITAMIN HANGOVER SHOT: One YourSaint Vitamin Hangover Shot should be taken before bed with a large glass/500ml of water. For those very special occasions take one shot with water before heading out.

4. What’s the difference between the VIP Drops and the Vitamin Hangover shots?

  • Both our VIP Drops and Hangover Shots contain the YourSaint unique hangover prevention blend.
  • The Vitamin Hangover Shots are pre-dosed with YourSaint and mixed with purified water as well as vitamins, minerals and other ingredients known to support the body’s recovery from the unwanted after-effects of drinking alcohol. Find out more about our formula here.
  • The VIP Drops are super-concentrated and designed for personalised dosage. We recommend anywhere between 4–7 drops for best effect, see FAQ 3.

5. Are there any known side-effects from taking YourSaint?

YourSaint has no known side effects. It is produced in FDA-approved facilities, its ingredients are approved by the Danish Food Authorities, and the Food Standards Agency in the UK.

6. Does it help to take YourSaint if I’m already hungover?

No, however some of our customers like taking a second YourSaint Vitamin Hangover Shot the morning after, for its vitamin-boosting and hydrating properties. As you know now, we believe prevention is better than cure – so try and remember to take it BEFORE you go to bed so that YourSaint can work its magic whilst you sleep, allowing your body to rest and recover for whatever the next day brings.

7. What causes a hangover?

Breathe in for the science! When alcohol enters our digestive tract, it encounters an enzyme called dehydrogenase. This enzyme metabolizes alcohol into acetaldehyde – which drains our bodies of antioxidants, B vitamins, and other vital nutrients. This causes dehydration, plummeting blood sugar levels, nutrient deficiencies and cellular damage to our vital organs, particularly the liver. In other words, acetaldehyde is the culprit behind all the unwanted after-effects of drinking alcohol that we call a ‘hangover."

8. How does YourSaint work?

YourSaint’s unique formula has been expertly blended to metabolise alcohol before it turns into acetaldehyde. More toxic than alcohol itself, acetaldehyde wreaks havoc on our bodies, causing the hangover symptoms we all dread.

9. Where can I buy YourSaint?

You can buy exclusively from yoursaint.com. If you are interested in stocking YourSaint or ordering YourSaint in larger quantities, please get in touch here.

10. Where do you ship YourSaint to?

We ship World wide. Contact us here if you are experiencing difficulties with ordering through our online shop. Or instant on our chat.