January 2019

YourSaint hangover cures have been shortlisted for the Wallpaper Design Awards 2019 - Best Life Enhancer. Logo

Meet the hangover cure of your dreams.” 

“Named YourSaint it’s just that. Four years in development this supplement-packed juice is full of the good stuff your body needs to fight the effects of alcohol during and after drinking. With an 85 per cent satisfaction rate we had to give it a go… we can attest — it works.”
Sotirios Varsamis,


“By far the most interesting of the lot.” Refinery29

Your Saint. By far the most interesting of the lot, if only because of the steep price tag. Developed over several years in Switzerland, this solution has been approved by both the Food Standards Agency and the Danish Food Association. It contains ginger, grape seeds, shiitake mushrooms and taurine. How did it fare with our team?

“I tried YourSaint on a boozy Wednesday with ex-colleagues. You take six drops in a glass of water before drinking, then six before you go to bed. I’m not going to lie, it tastes gross – kind of like vinegar. The pre-bed one, two glasses of wine and two pints down, was particularly difficult to swallow. The next morning, though? MAGIC. I kid you not. It was as if I hadn’t had a drink at all. I felt extremely smug all day as my pals from the night before WhatsApped away about the state of their hangovers. Maybe I just really wanted it to work (a very attractive man delivered it and told me that it totally worked) but either way, I was impressed. Ten out of ten would recommend.”
Jess Commons, Health & Living Editor

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“A new product has emerged which might just be the game changer that we all need.” Meaww

Everyone loves to drink during the holidays. Christmas is filled with champagne and eggnog. Everyone also knows that drinking too much one
night will keep you happy but the next morning is a whole other story.

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“Have a very merry festive period – without suffering the after-effects.” Daily Mail

Just in time for Christmas! But can this £35 ‘hangover cure in a bottle’ containing shiitake mushrooms and grape seeds really prevent symptoms or is a fizzy drink better?

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